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Nightlock Reader's Choice Awards

To send us off in style, and to thank all of our readers for following and contributing to Nightlock Recs for four years, we've decided to host a little awards ceremony!
We will be asking you to nominate and vote for your favourite Hunger Games fanfiction in a range of categories. We will be awarding the winners a banner and a collective review from the Nightlock team.
The categories are:
Best Hunger Games fic
Best Catching Fire fic
Best Mockingjay fic
Best Canon Compliant fic
Best Canon Divergent fic
Best Modern AU fic
Best Historical AU fic
Best Romance fic
Best Growing Together fic
Nominating is open now and will close on June 30. Voting will run for two weeks, closing on July 14.  The winners will be announced and awarded very soon after that.

Volunteer your fics as tributes here! (Please share this around the THG fandom, too!) 
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